Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Human Trafficking: Law & Order SVU gets it right

In a recent episode of Law & Order SVU the plot revolved around human trafficking and sex trafficking of minors. It was really good to see entertainment television getting it right. So many times TV misses the mark and focuses on the wrong issues. When in fact the sex trafficking right here in the United States is at a critical level.

The gang influence is driving the sex trafficking of girls to a new level in neighborhood across our Nation. It is much safer for gangs to traffic girls for sex than to sell drugs. Once you sell a drug that's it, but with sex you can keep selling. It is a crime that is hidden in plain sight.

The show's executive producer Neal Baer was interviewed by The Deadbolt . com. Baer was in Boston speaking to a class at Harvard when he learned about human trafficking and researched the topic. He said the story line came out of real life.

My experience comes from training I developed for the State of California Peace Officers on the proper response to human trafficking and the trafficking of minors. Before my exposure to the subject matter experts I worked with, I had no clue. My entire knowledge was based on what I learned in the media and TV.

I am pleased to see a television show like Law & Order SVU getting it right and depict trafficking as the serious problem it is for the young girls in our communities. Or celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore making a difference with their Foundation - www.demiandashton.com. I worked with Ashton and Demi on an anti-child sex trafficking video for law enforcement and it was a real pleasure because of their comment to the this worthwhile cause