Friday, September 6, 2013

The perfect breakup solution for video professionals

I was tired of using my old wooden gobo, cutting a tree branch, or making a pattern with a C-Stand and gaffers tape to create interesting backgrounds for on-camera interviews. I was so over it...

Then one day on the B&H PhotoVideo website I discovered the Bill Holshevnikoff pattern kit from Chimera. It changed my life, well not my life, but for sure my camera backgrounds.

My friend, DP Bill Holshevnikoff, created this kit for Chimera, it's a brilliant idea. The kit comes in two sizes and is the perfect solution for creating interesting backgrounds FAST. Every time I bring out my kit, the crew wants to know where to get one. I have the smaller kit and it's very light, takes up little space but makes a big impact.

I purchased the kit from B&H with 7 patterns and then purchased all the extra patterns. It comes with patterns like: French door, horizontal blinds, graduating vertical blinds, palm leaves, leaf breakup and a cucoloris breakup.

With my Canon 5D Mark III and my pattern kit I can create a great look, in no time. It's the perfect addition to anyone's bag of tricks :-)

Check it out at B&H

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Time lapse photography that tells a story

Traditional time lapse photography is one camera angle showing an event from start to finish. With today's video cameras anyone can shoot time lapse, it's easy. However most wind up with a collection of shots that do not lend themselves to storytelling. Videos still need a beginning, a middle and an ending.

A better way to tell a high impact story is with a sequence of time lapse shots. The best approach utilizes multiple cameras and can produce a complete time lapse movie , telling a unique story with a sequence of time lapse shots

Time lapse story telling can include: a work process, office area, building exterior, manufacturing plant or product assembly process.

My process uses DSLR cameras, GoPro cameras and conventional video cameras that shoot time lapse. I also have a 2-axis, 360 degree panning motor that makes amazing shots.

Additional samples can be found on YouTube:

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Emmy Awards night 2013 at the Red Rock in Las Vegas

The Pacific Southwest chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences held the 2013 Emmy Awards night at the Red Rock hotel in Las Vegas. I produced the live event part of the awards show again this year. The Red Rock was a great venue from a producers stand point. It was another successful show and everyone enjoyed the experience.

The Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa was the perfect choice

The award winning crew on stage for the "crew shot"

Our celebrity host this year was Barry Shebaka Henley

During the setup our lighting designer Don Swadly brought his remote control helicopter. This one minute clip shows the crew setting up and his flying skills, indoors no less. He did a superb job flying and lighting for the show.

We have now started planning for next year's awards show, which is the 40th anniversary of our NATAS Chapter.