Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Don't settle for traditional time lapse, kick it up a notch

Time lapse photography is still very popular in all media from the web to broadcast networks. I have been shooting time lapse for about 20 years. Back in the day, the only way to shoot TL was with film. My 35mm Arriflex did a superb job, still hard to beat 35mm film for quality. Today I am still shooting time lapse but several years ago moved to digital. But the bigger issue is how it's done.

Traditional time lapse is one camera angle showing an event from start to finish. I am contacted all the time to provide a camera to capture an event or construction project. I usually don't do that type of work because anyone can and it's all about price.

A better approach is with a sequence of time lapse shots. I use multiple cameras and many different angles to create a story. Telling a story can be done in many ways and time lapse is a unique and exciting way. This goes beyond a couple of time lapse shots to spice up a video but telling the whole story with time lapse. Of course it's not right for every project but it can be extremely effective under the right circumstances. It can be the entire video or a part of a video, depending on the concept.

I have a couple of my projects on YouTube that show how it works. It's an exciting use of time lapse and it really kicks it up a notch adding a unique look to any project.

Decorator crabs at LEGOLAND, VNR
Model builders at LEGOLAND, VNR
Footbridge being assembled
Welcome to Barcelona - uses some TL to kick it up a notch

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's time to change the stereotypical image of human trafficking

When people think of human trafficking everyone seems to think of a cargo container full of Chinese immigrants hiding from US customs agents. This is a stereotype that we have to break. Yes people do get smuggled into the US from Asia. But the real problem is young girls who are recruited into the sex trade right here in our own communities.

Television shows about human trafficking seem to keep this stereotype alive. Hawaii Five-O, the new series on CBS Television, started the season with just such an episode. I would imagine smuggling Asians into Hawaii is probably more common than the mainland, but it keeps the incorrect image in the eye of the general public.

The more compelling issue on child sex trafficking can be found in this ABC News report on trafficking of minors in Portland.

This report looks at young girls in the Portland sex trade, where many have been forced into lives of prostitution. They use the technique of romancing young girls to lure them into the sex trade

We have to change our thinking about these young people. They may be breaking the law and be participating in criminal behavior but in reality they are victims and we need to see them as such.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Video test of my new Android smartphone

I wanted a good test for my HTC EVO 4G smartphone and Lucy seemed like a good one. We have a standard poodle named Lucy and she is a fun dog. My wife, Lucy's mom, has done a terrific job training Lucy. To go outside she does not bark, she is training to ring a bell that hangs on the door. It's a very civilized approach to going potty. To get back into the house she is trained not to bark or jump on the door. So Lucy has taken to jumping up and down so we know she wants back in. video shot with my HTC Android smartphone

She does get airborne !!

Going for the Gold

We competed last weekend in the San Diego Senior Olympics, I won two bronze medals and my wife Shannon won a gold medal. We compete with precision air guns in events the mirror the regular Olympics, air rifle and air pistol. The real difference is we are much older than most regular Olympic competitors.

The San Diego Senior Olympics has many different events. For more information check out their website and you can get started at age 50.

It's always great to see a large turnout of seniors who are active and engaged in life. In past years at the opening ceremony, I have always been impressed with the group. People who want to compete in their favorite sports seem to stay in shape and are generally fit. I am very proud of the seniors who make the competitive effort to win.

I only wish I had done better this year, next year more practice!