Monday, July 8, 2013

Keep your camera lens clean for better cell phone photos

One of the easiest way to take better photos with your cell / mobile phone is to keep the camera lens clean. This works with iPhones, Andriod phones, smart phones or just regular cameras. 

We have all seen pictures on Face Book that look soft or what looks like out of focus pictures..

This photo of Lucy is before cleaning the lens

This is after cleaning the lens, she looks much better :-)

If you take a few seconds to examine bad pictures you see on Face Book you will see that the lens is dirty or smeared with stuff off our hands or face.

We always hold our phones against our face or handle the phone when texting. We transfer grease or makeup onto the camera lens. 

As you can see with this Samsung Galaxy SIII the lens sits between a little speaker and the camera flash.

It just takes a few seconds before taking pictures to clean off the lens. It's best to use a photo cloth or a cloth made for cleaning your glasses.

I learned this lesson the hard way. I was taking family pictures at Benihana's.

When I got home I noticed steam from the cooking surface had completely ruined the shots. The cooking steam got all over the camera lens and  it looked like everyone was in a snow storm.