Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Doctor Joyce Brothers a pioneer for offering advice, on radio and television has passed away

Joyce Brothers has died at the age of 85. She will be remembered as a psychologist who pioneered advice shows on television and radio starting in the 1950's. She offered advice on topics that were considered taboo like: menopause, frigidity, impotence and sexual enjoyment. Today there are many people in the media that offer advice on a variety of topics, but she got it all started.

I had the pleasure to work with her in the early 1980's and produce several TV commercials with her on-camera. The commercials were "celebrity endorsement" ads on weight loss that were common at that time.

The photo was taken on-set and I look a little younger as does the good doctor. Yes that is me on the right.

She was a very nice person and to my surprise had no big celebrity ego. She took direction well, was easy to work with and was a credible spokes person for the weight loss company. It's also fun to work with celebrities that are processional and get the job done without a lot of fuss and muss. She was a class act, that today is hard to find in the media.

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